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Highlight Of My Life

Arlene Levitt Weyler: Posted on Monday, November 03, 2014 9:32 PM

My family is from Meriden, CT where I grew up. Our summer home was at 43 West Cherry St. Born in 1931, I remember the Anchor Beach life each summer being the highlight of my life. My cousins, Myron and Paula Yudkin lived on the same street along with the Brenner, Grodd, Gelbert, Zaientz, Perlin and Lebov families. Does anyone remember the Tobak soda fountain and pinball machines at the corner of Village Rd. and Kings Highway or Peterson's Food Store, Sussmans Variety Store or the little Post Office that we went to daily to collect our mail? My grandfather,, Harry Gordon, who was a scrap iron dealer in Meriden, CT was involved in the start of the Woodmont shul . He walked there every Saturday with my dad and uncles to observe the Sabbath. I met the love of my life on my 13th birthday in Woodmont. The late, Dr. Morton Weyler and I were happily married for 61 years until his death in 2013. My memories of Woodmont are endless and beautiful and will never be forgotten.

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